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May I introduce Racket’s huge family :P? Parents not included.

I gave him a bunch of sisters because I wanted him to grow up in a household full of women.

Konbu is the oldest with 29 years (one year older than Dephit), he is navigator and skilled in the usage of all kind of spaceships and weapons. He is a a very confident and masculine second class with a weakness for strong coffee and pretty boys.

Bevin would have been about 26 and the second oldest child if she hadn’t died in the incident that scarred Ava. She was also a second class but well known for her speed and cleverness that’s why she was able to form a two person task force with Ava. Bevin was a very warm-hearted and calm person when she was alive.

Tako and Tori are twins and both 24 years old. They work together as gamekeepers at the edge of town. Tako is an extrovert, very perky and cocky - she enjoys the company of other people a lot while Tori is rather shy and quiet, she’s an introvert and prefers the silence of the forest she works in. Tako is a second class like the rest of her family, Tori has the power level and potential for a first class but due to her unsociable manner she refused to be educated like one and stayed with her sister instead.

Rusket is the second youngest in that bunch.

Oona is the youngest of the siblings. She is 3 years old, a second class and still very small for her age. She may seem reserved but actually is a kind and caring kid that just daydreams a lot. She loves fruits and has the habit of climbing things. Oona doesn’t talk since the day they got told that Bevin wouldn’t return, the oldest sister was her most important attachment figure and out of an act of defiance she simly refused to speak to anyone.


They taught Ronan’s daughter Maeve how to fly and Ronan was so focused on her safety that he accidentally flew into a tree. Yacón is now trying to get a grip on that mess on Ronan’s head, without much effort tho (…) Maeve felt like joining so she took care of Yacón’s hair. He taught her a few tricks, that’s why she is floating upside down. She likes it so much that she would do it for weeks :P

Yacón belongs to nostalgica


"Going down with you"

Sad Jonlow for nostalgica ;v; Mallow belongs to her ♡


Chibi Roncón for you bb :’> ♥ GOOD MORNING!


I had not seen this until now omg!!! Thank you bb! I love these two so much, never enough of them ;^;



Hell, Dephit is a bloody giant…

I will change his size with PS later :P I have to redo everything anyway since I accidentially made it too small and now the lines are all blurred.

Minty, Riso & Ducky belong to raditztheradish, Endo on Deph’s left arm (who is not actually there because he’s not finished yet, sorry Yasha ;3;) belongs to doggy-yasha


Back to the basics ♡


Jonk being fabulous with his ki-gloves B-)